On The Boardwalk in Plano - One of My Favorite Locations

Dated: August 5 2021

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On The Boardwalk in Plano is one of my favorite locations for an evening out. It has seven authentic restaurants and an unmatched waterfront view; the Boardwalk is a unique dining oasis. The restaurant row has spacious patios, lawn games, live music, and cozy outdoor furniture.

I have a comprehensive interview process where I get a deep understanding of my client's lifestyle, so I can best match them with that along with their dream home. The discovery process I have with my clients is much deeper than square feet, bedrooms, three-car garage, and more. 

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Bobby Leach

Bobby understands that buying or selling a home can be very stressful: it’s a life-changing experience. However, he also takes great pride in the relationships he builds and always works relentl....

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